Media Agency Calls Google’s New Ad Metric “A Step Back” (10:11)

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At the Ad Age Digital Conference recently, Google announced some significant changes to the way online advertising is measured. Google introduced the Brand Activate Initiative that is designed to grow the online advertising industry by applying metrics similar to those used in television.

One media agency, however, believes that Google is taking “a step back” with this move. Dick Reed, the CEO of Just Media, spoke with WebProNews and told us that Google’s action regarding Active GRP (Gross Rating Point) was hard to accept. According to him, digital has made much more progress in analytics than TV has.

While Just Media supports Google’s Active View solution, which means advertisers will only pay for viewed impressions, Frauke Cast, the company’s head of analytics, believes that Google should have made the decision with the industry. In other words, instead of Google making this move on its own, both Cast and Reed think that the search and advertising giant should have worked with agencies, publishers, and others in the industry before it took action.

As they explained, Google and DoubleClick should lead the industry but not without the industry on board with them.

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