Payvment CEO: Facebook Is a Good Investment (9:38)

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With Facebook’s IPO expected to take place tomorrow, there are a lot of mixed opinions about the investment potential of the company. Many analysts have raised concerns over the social giant’s long-term sustainability given its revenue model, mobile strategy, and Mark Zuckerberg’s own leadership.

There are others, however, including Christian Taylor, that believe strongly in the company and its CEO. Taylor, who is the CEO of the leading Facebook ecommerce platform Payvment, told WebProNews that the social network was quickly becoming “engrained into the fabric of the entire Internet.” As he explained, the people that view the company as simply are limiting its true potential.

In addition to advertising, Taylor also sees a big future in the ecommerce side of Facebook. He built his company on top of the Facebook platform for the different type of ecommerce experience it creates. According to him, this new shopping environment will carry ecommerce into the future.

In terms of the company’s imminent meeting with Wall Street, Taylor said he has no worries at all. In fact, he expects Facebook to accelerate in every way.

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