Sephora: Taking Retail into the Digital Age (10:10)

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Popular beauty retailer Sephora has made a lot of changes recently in an effort to improve the company’s digital experience. For starters, Sephora launched a new website that includes a much more targeted product search, more content, and trending lists.

Secondly, the company integrated with Pinterest to allow users to easily pin products and brand pages. Sephora also introduced an in-store iOS program that brings technology into its stores to give consumers a more personalized and easier shopping experience.

As Julie Bornstein, the Senior Vice President of Sephora Direct, explained to WebProNews, Sephora is trying to make online shopping much like the Sephora in-store experience, which is very hands-on. She told us that the company believes digital is the way of the future since consumers are beginning to expect digital integrations into practically every aspect of their lives.

Sephora, according to Bornstein, is excited to see where beauty and digital meet going forward. She said the company plans to be at the forefront innovating as these changes take place.

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