Applebee’s Takes on Social Media with New Ad Campaign (7:09)

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Applebee’s has a new social media ad campaign that puts a unique twist on the social services that so many of us have become addicted to. “Life Is Better Shared” is the theme of the campaign, and the idea is to demonstrate that in-person, face-to-face interaction is more appealing than virtual communications.

The campaign is geared toward women and is an extension of Applebee’s “Girls Night Out” campaign from last year. Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions is the ad agency responsible for both campaigns, and, according to Jeff Hancock, the Creative Director at the agency, they decided to broaden the audience of females to include both young women and those with families. He explained that this would help them better reach Applebee’s owner Thomas & King’s ultimate goal of increasing bar sales.

“Life Is Better Shared” is a online video campaign that uses the “Applebee’s Girls Night Out Goddess” to show that there is no substitute for good old-fashioned talking around the dinner table and laughing out loud, in the literal sense. Christy Hiler, Cornett’s Chief Strategic Officer, told us that the goddess represents a grandmotherly-type who can get by with making fun of how much time women spend on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Although the humorous campaign is still in its early stages, Cornett indicated that it had already been successful.

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