Newslook Launches iPad App to Organize Video News (8:29)

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With the Apple iPad becoming more and more popular within the consumer and business world, the organization and syndication of content are becoming key factors in distributing news through the popular tablet device. What’s more, since the content on the iPad being such a visual medium, video news is becoming more common. However, even with the advances in video technology, the aggregation and organization of video news has been left untouched until now.

Newslook has both a video streaming news website and a video syndication service, in which these capabilities are already available, but it is now hoping to expand its efforts to the iPad with its new app. To tell us more about Newslook’s new video news app for the iPad, Fred Silverman (CEO of the company) talks to WebProNews by way of Skype.

Within this interview, Silverman answers the following questions:

–How does Newslook work to aggregate and organize video news content?

–Is Newslook geared toward general consumers or is positioned more toward a niche audience?

–Newslook is currently available on Google TV and plans to extend its offering to other connected TV devices as well. What is Newslook’s vision for this area?

–What are the future plans for Newslook?

Let us know your opinion about Silverman’s remarks about Newslook below in this post’s comments section.

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