GutCheck: Helping Brands Understand Social Signals in Real-Time (11:06)

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As social media websites have grown as places for fun, games, and networking, they have also developed into valuable business platforms. In today’s world, brands strive to get one more “like” on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, and +1 on Google+.

The only problem with this interaction is figuring out what it means. Are consumers really engaging with the brand, and what is it that they want in return? These questions and others challenge brands everyday.

According to Matt Warta, the CEO of GutCheck, companies shouldn’t be bogged down with this worry. His company provides a platform that allows brands to really understand what their fans and followers are thinking.

GutCheck has one tool that allows brands to get one-on-one with individuals and have in depth conversations to find out their exact needs. The company also rolled another tool earlier this year called Instant Research Communities that allows brands to communicate with groups of people in a social setting.

“There’s nobody else out there that can do what we do in the amount of time that we do it and at the price point that we have,” said Warta.

He went on to say that the company would continue to improve its platform to make sure that brands are getting the most relevant research through their social campaigns.

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