How Cloudee Changes Boxee Forever (10:31)

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Popular Internet video streaming service Boxee made a big announcement this week that will impact the future of the company. Boxee introduced a new cloud offering for personal video sharing called Cloudee.

As Avner Ronen, Boxee’s CEO, explained to us, it gives users unlimited video storage and the ability to share their content with the friends and family they choose. He tells us that Cloudee serves a “real need that users have.”

The company plans to integrate its Boxee Box with Cloudee going forward. Ronen said they’re convinced that the cloud will be a big part of the future of television, and that they plan on being ready for this transition. Some people have already speculated that Cloudee could be Boxee’s first step to unveiling a cloud-based DVR service. Ronen, however, told us that, while it would be a “great feature,” it would be “very difficult” to solve.

He went on to say that video is trending toward the cloud and that Boxee hopes to be a company that makes it happen.

Cloudee is currently in a closed beta stage, which means that users need a Facebook account and an invite to access the app.

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