Robert Ellis Smith Discusses FTC Privacy Issues (12:58)

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As new technologies and devices are released on the market, one concern remains constant among the consumers: the issue of privacy. An aspect of this is when companies acquire user information to help better serve and understand their customer’s needs. However, this premise does not bode well with the public, because they feel that their information should be protected.

In this interview with Robert Ellis Smith (Publisher of The Privacy Journal), the following key points and questions are discussed to give you the real reasons why privacy is such a big concern in today’s society, especially with the Internet being a big resource for business-to-consumer relations.

–What specifically did MySpace do to result in the FTC’s intervention, and what are they required to do now through its settlement with the FTC??

–What message does this send to other websites, especially those with social elements such as Facebook and Google?

–Both the White House and the FTC’s privacy reports released earlier this year pushed for the industry to enable measures such as “Do not track.” How are these efforts coming?

–Some people are speculating that all websites are going to become prone to FTC scrutiny. How would this work, and how could the FTC keep up with every website?

–What is recommended for finding a balance between encouraging innovation and protecting privacy?

Smith greatly elaborates on these questions and how the FTC’s hand plays a part in consumer data. Please be sure to view this video to see Smith’s answers to these questions.

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