Tech Giants Hope To Stop “Bad Ads” With New Alliance (12:16)

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A new alliance has formed in hopes of keeping “ bad ads” off the Web. The Ads Integrity Alliance, as it is being called, began through non-profit organization StopBadware, but it now has the Interactive Advertising Bureau and tech giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and AOL on its team to help fight this initiative.

According to Maxim Weinstein, StopBadware’s Executive Director, the “bad ads” that the alliance refers to are the advertisements that deliver malware, point users to spam, or tries to sell them counterfeit goods. He told us that the alliance hopes to not only protect consumers from these bad ads, but it also hopes to preserve the integrity of advertising since it is the primary revenue model for most Web companies.

The alliance plans to make recommendations for industry best practices, provide a platform for sharing information about bad actors, and also work closely with policymakers to keep them informed on trends and as well as what the industry is doing to self-regulate. Weinstein said that malicious advertising is a “very real threat” and that, although there are improvements happening, it is critical that stronger action is taken to soon.

Within the first year, the alliance hopes to have more companies on board with its effort and to have policy recommendations available for the industry.

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