Is Google Becoming a Copycat to Keep Its Competitive Edge? (12:58)

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Google has made a lot of changes in the past couple of years that has really shaken up the search industry. It has rolled out numerous Panda updates, introduced Penguin, and most recently, launched its Knowledge Graph in order to give users “things” instead of “strings” of links.

However, as Grant Simmons, the Director of SEO and Social Product at The Search Agency, pointed out to us, Google has tendency to announce similar products that aren’t “fully-baked” after a competitor releases a new product.

“Google is trying to differentiate itself by copying,” he said.

According to Simmons, it’s been evident for some time that Google is worried. Social is one particular area that is an obvious issue of concern for the search giant, which is why Simmons believes Google has pushed so hard to integrate Google+ into its search results. While it’s natural that Google would try this approach and take advantage of its massive userbase, whether or not users respond well to it is the real question.

Simmons told us that social media has certainly changed the game of search and that it would continue to do so going forward. At this point though, it is not apparent who will emerge as a leader in the space, if it is any one player specifically.

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