What If Text Linking Could Be Optimized? With LinkSmart, It Can (13:50)

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Connecting content together through links is really what began to shape the Internet into what it is today. Fortunately for publishers, multiple tools have been developed to make the process of creating and posting content simple and seamless. They’ve also had tools that allow advertising to be strategically placed around the content.

Still, what’s been missing is the ability to manage and optimize the links that are inserted into the content. But now, thanks to LinkSmart, the game is changing. LinkSmart launched late last month in an effort to solve this challenge for publishers.

According to Pete Sheinbaum, the company’s CEO and also the former CEO of DailyCandy, he encountered this problem personally and wanted to do something about it. As a result, LinkSmart introduced its Total Link Management (TLM) solution to provide publishers with a way to optimize their in-text linking and make what was formerly a very manual and stagnant process into an efficient one.

“LinkSmart was born to think about links in a brand new way,” he said. “We wanted to provide publishers with tools that analyze exactly what people were doing in and around the links, what they were clicking on, where they were going, [and] how often they were doing so; but more importantly, give them a software service tool based in the cloud that starts to manage and optimize these links in real-time.”

Sheinbaum told us that he believes LinkSmart and its solution will dramatically change the publishing industry for the better, helping content providers, marketers, and advertisers.

LinkSmart also brought in $4.7 million in funding upon launch to be used to further develop the platform.

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