Cutts Talks Disavow Links Tool And Negative SEO
Google has put out a new Webmaster Help video discussing the Disavow Links tool, and whether or not it's a good idea to use it even when you don't have a manual action against your site.

Date: 11-22-2013
7 Days of Complimentary Downloads: 100,000 Video and Audio Clips
To create awareness for Video Blocks, they are giving away 7 days of complimentary access to download anything you want from over 100,000 clips of video, motion backgrounds, production music and more:

Date: 11-19-2013
Matt Cutts Talks Blog Comments And Link Spam
If you run a blog, you no doubt come across spammy comments with links in them frequently. You may know that this can hurt your page in Google, but sometimes people leave comments with links that are actually relevant to the conversation. Perhaps they want to illustrate a point, or discussed the topic at length in their own blog post that they want to share. Perhaps it's a relevant YouTube video.

Date: 11-15-2013
Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Xbox One
Last week, Sony answered every possible question one could possibly have about the PS4 in an exhaustive FAQ. Among all the details, we learned some good stuff and some bad stuff about Sony's next console. Now it's Microsoft's turn to do the same.

Date: 11-08-2013
Google Takes An Hour To Explain How To Use Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
"Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is a powerful new feature that brings together intent, context and audience to help you get more sales and leads with great ROI," says Google. "With RLSA, you can modify bids, ads, and keywords for past site visitors. In this video, you'll get a feature overview, learn about usage strategies, walk through the set-up, and hear tips and tricks on how to be successful with RLSA."

Date: 11-01-2013

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