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Watch This LinkedIn Webinar About Recruiting And Hiring Trends
LinkedIn recently held a webinar discussing the "latest buzz and talent trends" related to recruiting, staffing, and hiring. The company has now put it on YouTube for all to view.

Date: 03-21-2014

Matt Cutts On How To Get Google To Recognize Your Mobile Pages
Google has a new "Webmaster Help" video out. This time Matt Cutts discusses optimizing for the mobile web. Specifically, he takes on this submitted question:

Date: 03-14-2014

Here's A Closer Look At How To Use Google's New Shopping Campaigns
Google is really pushing the Shopping Campaigns. The company just announced AdWords API support as well as beta support in DoubleClick Search (part of the Commerce Suite).

Date: 03-07-2014

Google Talks Real Time Bidding With Audience Targeting
Google says in the description, "In this Learn with Google Hangout On Air we'll explain a new bid strategy, Target ROAS. By walking through how to setup conversion values in conversion tracking and an actual bid strategy in AdWords, we'll demonstrate how to best use this new tool. The Hangout On Air will include information from case studies and Google product experts."

Date: 02-28-2014

Check Out What eBay Can Do Now That It Owns PhiSix
eBay announced that it has acquired computer graphics company PhiSix, which creates 3D models of clothing from photos, pattern files and other sources.

Date: 02-21-2014

Join Zuckerberg In Reflecting On Your Time On Facebook As It Turns 10
Mark Zuckerberg has posted some thoughts on the last ten years, which began with going out for pizza with some friends, and sharing how excited he was about launching the product.

Date: 02-07-2014

Google To Writers: Don't Upload Articles To Directories
Google has put out a new "Webmaster Help" video advising webmasters and writers against submitting articles to online article directories. It's been pretty well-known that Google isn't incredibly fond of these types of sites for a while now, but the search team is still getting questions about it, so head of webspam Matt Cutts had some advice to share.

Date: 01-31-2014

Netflix Defends Content Release Strategy
Since Netflix has been offering its customers original shows, it has been offering them full seasons at a time, catering to the well-known binge-watching phenomenon.

Date: 01-24-2014

Matt Cutts Discusses The Google Algorithm
Google has released a new Webmaster Help video in which head of webspam Matt Cutts discusses the Google algorithm and how it ranks results on a page. More specifically, he responds to the following submitted question:

Date: 01-17-2014

Cutts On What You Might Not Have Noticed About Google's 'How Search Works' Site
Google has put out a new Webmaster Help video featuring Matt Cutts talking about some things "you might not have noticed" about the company's How Search Works site.

Date: 01-10-2014

Asus Is Teasing Something For CES 2014
Next week, tech companies from all over the world will descend upon Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. The show is already expected to draw a major presence with TV manufacturers duking it out over who has the best display while Microsoft returns to the show floor after a year's absence. Hoping not to get lost in it all is computer and smartphone manufacturer Asus and it has a new teaser video up regarding its CES plans.

Date: 01-03-2014

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